Saturday, August 16, 2008

Your Cindy

Whats your pets name/names? Squirty, Squirtles McPuss or Squirt.E (for most excellent).Puss
How old? 5 years old
Where do they sleep? On his belvoed hedgehog beanbag or anywhere in the sun - Ah the life of a puss
What is his or her breed? Grey and cute, distantly related to the Whiskas cat I am sure
Any special tricks/talent? He talks to my husband who claims to be the "Cat Whisperer". He has different sounds for cuddles, food, I'm too cold, let me in, etc.
What do you think your pet was in a previous life? He is a sweet tolerant thing, so maybe a sweet old bear in the woods that would ask the bees for directions to the best berrys.

Whats your pets name/names? Pocoyo Puss, Pockie
How old? Just under 1 year
Where do they sleep? The sink, On the wicker chair in the sun, or under the bed in the base.
What is his or her breed? Birman cross
Any special tricks/talent? The people that had her prior to us got her at 5 weeks of age, so she is a bit socially neurotic. She also has a beautiful squirrel tail, that if you pat she will eat you alive.
What do you think your pet was in a previous life? I think a shark, she loves water, sits in the shower or the sink and she also attacks anything that moves.

Thank you Cindy for this lovely little tail about your two super cute kitty's!!
brooke and moca

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cindy said...

Thank-you for including our little furry family.