Monday, March 31, 2008

Week of Cute...Day One

She is todays Cute!!
Watch is Cute
Hair is Cute
Scarf is Cute
Badge on Scarf Cute
Peeping Smile CUTE
Laugh Cute
Kindness Cute
Owl Badge Cute.
The way she is sitting is even Cute!!
Cute Cute Cute Friend...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is...inside my bag

The Bags!

The stuff!
I spy:
lady bird threes ikea lights
knitting needles
shopping lists
zippy birdy clutch
sissors ( they are from brown owls, i don't know how they got there brown owl!!)
the letter Y magnet

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dinner for the house

I made dinner for the house last night.
There was silence and seconds.
I'm not a big meat eater. Maybe twice a month sometimes not even at all.
What i love most about eating any pie, is the tomato sauce!
I found the Recipe here. It's nice simple warm and hearty!!
i just had a Magium Ice-cream for breakfast....and i just might have another!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


My little Boobook brooches are featured on Dragstars Web Page!
Ursula is the luck sausage dog that has made the front page.
She likes: story books, open fires and skipping.
I must say i'm a little happy and proud.
With the support of my lovely friend, it never would have happened!
So thank you supportive friend. It means a lot!!

Yellow = happy

The Yellow Curtains as promised.

On my shelf. That could be a good meme!
(moca is still on vacation with grandma! I miss you sausage)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ikea Bikes and Rooms....

Ok I have to admit....i brooke simmons have been to Ikea for the past three days.
There it's out. Make what you like of it but I love the place!!
I go in where your suppose to go out.
I head straight to bargain corner.
Then to the plant section, to see if I can save anything.
Then it's to the Fabric department, where I um and ah over which fabrics to get!!
Ikea even manage to teach me, a bit of boy meets girl craft!
So far this week I have made Yellow Curtains for my bedroom (i'll post daylight photos tomorrow)
I'm in the middle of making curtains for the bathroom. Deck Chair Orange and White Stripe.
About to make a start on another order for Dragstar in Sydney (it seems that sydney kids love sausage dogs)
Then tomorrow i'm going to make some cushions for the couch.
Craft craft craft craft craft....
This girl has been up to some great crafting too!!
I've got my eyes pealed on one of the Vintage Zip Pencil Cases. Even if it means not eating, I'm very much willing to support the hand crafted goodness that she is whipping up at the moment!

Oh and Lady Bird Three!! She has a new addition to the basket. Some Ikea Fairy Lights for night riding. Just image the look on the policemens faces when i'm pulled over next.
And today....
Today was spent cleaning the old house.
Foaming Oven Off is Strong. It makes you sting when breathing in.
6 hours and 4 of us cleaning! The place smelt like a swimming pool.
I think we should have paid the $180 to get the professionals in....I'm stuffed

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On my desk.....

Gotta love Ikea!!
brooke and moca

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What to make

Thank you to Kerry for sending this to Brown Owl. Brownies really are nice people!!
I think I might have a crack at this sometime this week. I know the perfect place to get some fabric has a touch of yellow! My most favourite colour!
Oh Moca will be a happy Sausage dog!
brooke and moca

Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is better than chocolate!!
Thank goodness for garage sales!!
I get really excited!!
At least something good was open!
It really has been a long time between good finds!!
brooke and moca

Friday, March 21, 2008

Looking up...

I found this on the roof today.
I wonder who Tegan is??
So I fliped it around to keep the history, gave it a lick of paint ( i love saying lick of paint) and this is the end result.
I have plans for it, i'm just not quite sure as too what?!
brooke and moca

Good Friday - Still unpacking

I figured out the other day, that i have moved house three times in the past year!!
No wonder i'm still looking at boxes and have only unpacked the essentials.
So today I will try and get everything organised, make curtains, hang up my wardrobe try and sleep more and maybe spend some time relaxing. That doesn't seem relaxing at all, but i'm sure my mind will be once I've completed all of these things!
brooke and moca

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Pippy...

You one of a kind!
She make me laugh
She has shown me that anything is possible
She constantly amazes me with what you can achieve in one day
She makes the most amazing food that leaves me speechless
She helps me
She helps others
She has a really great mug collection
She runs a really great shop that supports the craft community
She is one of the kindness and most considerate friends that I have and I am so very lucky to have her!!
Thank you for everything Pippy!!!
Happy Birthday
All our love always
Brooke and Moca

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

on my desk...when i was little

I moved house yesterday so I currently don't have a desk.
I hope this image counts kirst
brooke and moca

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who are you?

They read this post and left a comment?
Who are you anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Lol @ first two, must be an Australian thing, what is a Lollypop Lady? I'm guessing the Principles Award is for friendlyness?
When I see babies, depending on how noisy/messy they aren't, I feel like picking them up and running away with them. Weird, huh?
Winter is WAY better than summer. You can always warm yourself up during winter but you can't cool down in summer.
Cool about the singing contest, must be something in the genes if you're related to Delta Goodrem! Do you two hang out much?
I have this necklace from some tribe somewhere in the world, I have no idea what the symbol means (and I don't even know what tribe/from where it comes from) but I wear it every day. Spoon earrings sound cool! You could do a whole Spoon/Fork/Knife thing if your ears were pierced three times too....
You're so lucky that Cockatoos are so accessable! I've always wanted one, I find them so friendly and full of personality, the way they use that thing on their head like a facial expression... I have budgies though and they're cool :)

Oh by the way in case you're reading this and wondering who I am and why I'm commenting on something 6 months old, I was googling something and your blog came up and I got addicted to reading it, and it was only when I finished writing the reply comment that I noticed it was the 2007 archive page I was on....

brooke and moca

Monday, March 17, 2008

arriving and returning

I've just returned from Brown Owls.
The heat sent me a little crazy and Brown Owl was watching.
But today while I was working, in the stupid heat, some little Sausage Dog Brooches and Softies arrived at Dragstar in Sydney.
I hope that Tiger is happy with his new brothers and sisters dragstar!!

All of the little ladies....

my favourite....
name: polly
likes: banana pancakes, elephants and nice words

This good eggs favourite...
name: mildred
likes: scratchy records, bikes and open signs

brooke and moca

Vintage Illustration - Day one

Thanks to Pip for the Vintage Illustration goodness!
Petunia - Written and Illustrated by Roger Duvoisin.
About a goose who believes that carrying around a book will help her in making people not call her a silly goose ever again!
Brooke and Moca

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sun and Trees

Shadows on my bathroom door.
I can see....
a racoon
a rabbit
a lady
and an owl with a trumpet nose!
brooke and moca

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On my desk

Sausage Dogs heading off to Sydney...ta whit ta woo. Safe journey little Sauso.
You can join Kirsty's On My Desk here.
Happy Wednesday
brooke and moca

oh....i understand now!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fruits of her Labour....

You can get some hand sized love too.
Vintage Tea Towel Purse and PVC story book purse from Meet me at Mikes.

I like to keep things cozy!!
Brooke and Moca

Edit: Pip made these beautiful purses....i think i've made it sound as if I had. Sorry Pippy. You should check out Pips Guy Craft

Sunday, March 9, 2008

This is....

This is...Looking out my front door.
Thanks Angela for allowing me such a decision.
The Graffiti is what help with the Meme.
Every time I look at him I smile. I start humming Feist's "My moon my man" and sometimes after too many wines I may even say that he waves at me!
Happy Sunday. I can't wait to have a peek around.
brooke and moca

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mirabel & Mikes

Today at 10am all the Hearts for Mirabel go on sale.
So get to Mikes quick!!
See you there.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Friday

soy chai and japanese inspiration

On Fridays I help out Angela.
I love the Sew Your Own HQ!
Angela has me laughing until I call it a day.
We start the day with take away coffees from Made then head back to Made
for Lunch. Today was Fat Mushrooms...Oh Fat Mushrooms how I love you so!!
Margie and Gabriel you both are amazing at your job!!
Oh and there is work in between all of this, but work never seems like work when your having fun!
I'm lucky to receive this feeling from both of my jobs
Happy Friday
brooke and moca

Thursday, March 6, 2008

ta whit ta whoo....

outside loo....

We have a new house!!!
Finally we have found something that is big enough for all of my stuff....I'm serious....I'm currently living in the smallest room I have ever lived in. My stuff spills into every corner of the house, my sewing machine is always packed away ready to be moved.
I'm really excited about the yellow walls in the kitchen and the windows in my bedroom and the letter slot in the door!!
I'm excited about the new beginnings and decorating!! Kitty I'm open to some Interior Decorating ideas of yours!
Crafty Drinks last night was many lovely like minded people to chat and giggle with.
Thanks for the fun Girls.
BigCat - welcome and join in the fun!!!
ok so much to do and organise in the next month...I better get started!
brooke and moca - ta whit ta whoo

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

On my desk

On my desk thanks to kirsty.
My favourite things on my desk...
The 1976 and 1978 copies of Dolly.
My Cup Cosy.
Little Pocket Ted from TeddyBearsWednesdays
I can't wait for crafty girls drinks later on tonight!!
Happy Wednesday...
brooke and moca

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is....

I'm the lucky girl who gets to make this weeks "This is" decison!!
Pips was a good one.
So I've decided on "This is...Looking out my front door"
I can't wait to see out your front door!
Thanks Angela.
Brooke and Moca

Monday, March 3, 2008

Photo Shoot

She really makes me laugh a lot!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

This is...My Inspiration Board

You picked a good one Pippy.
My board is quite fresh and little. I can still see cork, so I think I need to keep going!
Umm I think I might start one with my house mates. The wall behind the computer is Boring!!
Can't wait to peep at everyone elses.
Shiiiitttt...I don't even have a picture of Moca. Bad Mum.
Ok If i had a printer this on would go on it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

29th Feb 2008 was a good one

Such a lovely day.
Helped out a friend.
Did a photo shoot.
Visited for the very first time Thread Den, Arthur's Circus and Kids in Berlin.
Had a Drink in a Fo Beer Garden, then another two at Seamstress, where the Aesop products are a nice treat.
Best Friend visiting from Adelaide. So much to catch up on.
But what is really exciting me is being able to see That Girls, 70 stitch sewing machine in the flesh.
brooke and moca