Thursday, August 14, 2008

Your Evie

Whats your pets name/names? Millie, Mill, Millicent, Moosey, Moosey Moo, Moo Moo, Millie the Moose, Moosabi, Poppet, Chicken...and she probably has an identity crisis, poor thing!!
How old? 20 months
Where do they sleep? Anywhere warm or where the sun is, in bed, on the window sill, in front of the heater, under the couch, on a warm lap, inside her cat much sleeping - what a life!
What is his or her breed? Short Haired Burmilla
Any special tricks/talent? Classic Catches...jumping at great heights to catch something in her two front paws. She is also a great helper when hanging out the washing and making the bed...i think this is one of her favourite things! At times Millie thinks she is human and will only drink out of human drinking cups and not a cat dish, I dont know if this is really a talent or a trick but I think she does. She is also pretty good at striking a pose when the camera comes out!
What do you think your pet was in a previous life?
Perhaps a cricketer with all her Classic Catching skills, she is pretty good at fetch too!! Or a very cheeky Meerkat.

Thank you Evie and Millie! Look how sweet you are!

If you would like to join in, click here to get the low down.

Thanks again for the response.
It makes my day happy knowing that your all enjoying it as much as me.

brooke and moca

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Danielle said...

Millie is definite cat-model material!