Thursday, November 29, 2007

Softies can talk?!

This is Marvin. My lastest street cat love!!
One of my little guys has been up to a lot since leaving home.
Check it out here.

These are a few of my favoutire things....

One being all settled in and loving your new surroundings! The sounds from the pub at night and children playing at kinda.....
having a day off and being all cashed up!!
I did a bit of op shop till you drop and what treasures I managed to find!!
Fabric, Aprons, Silk Scarfs, Books and Dresses!!
I tried on a dress called Matilda that made me feel like snow white!!
I managed to pop into Degraves Subway and find some really cute Mail badges and Silver Swallow hanging thing!! I just love that you can carry a letter around with you every day!!

This is by fair my favourite thing!!
I was lucky enough to WIN something from this lovely lass a couple of months back.
She has a lot of goodness in her!! The sewing machine and the Lass.

Lets not forget Mikes Mirabel Softie Window...Oh so much love!!
My little guys are in there somewhere. I'm sending this girl a great big round of applause!! Give yourself a pat on the back while your there too!

Happy Thursday
brooke and moca

Saturday, November 24, 2007

These shoes

I wish they were mine!!
Well they were until I realised that I couldn't go though the foot binding needed in order for me to wear them.
So I gave them away. Yes it was sad. I really did believe that they could just sit there collecting dust and looking pretty for me. But seeing them on my new housemates feet today...........well not much needs to be said. They look good and happy and proud to be carrying her through her day.
xoxx Brooke and Moca

Friday, November 23, 2007

Flashback Friday - Hippie Love

This is as hippie as I get.
I only think it passes because of the Combie in the back ground and maybe the flower in my hand. We grew up with Volkswagens. My Favoutire "the little red devil'. It was a lipstick red Bug with all the extras. Such great memories.
Happy Flashback Friday

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flashback Friday - Travel Bug

Stack Hats and Giraffes...the only way to travel!
Sorry it's so late Angela.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Prints and Shadows

I purchased my first international order two weeks ago and on the final day in the old house it arrived. Angela told me about a blog called, The Black Apple and since that day it's a regular visit in my morning blog reading. This print was purchased from here.
On the same day I went to the op shop and found some apple fabric and old maps.
One thing I really love and get super excited about finding are atlas and maps.

This is a shot from my new bedroom.
I found this shadow box before I left and it's happily hanging from a very weak hook that must know how strong it needs to be in order to keep everything just nice and neat.
Happy Weekend to all
Brooke and Moca (is coming back from holidays on tuesday. Thanks Luce!!)

Friday, November 16, 2007

from b to f

I crossed the river and I now live on the good side.
Don't get me wrong I loved the bad side for many reason. My great little op shop, amazing garden and huge bedroom. But the good side is good. People smile at each other here, the food options are endless and I can walk to work.
I guess the saying is true, a change really is as good as a holiday!
Happy Friday to all and so i'm not late for work i'll post my Flashback Friday pic later on tonight.
x Brooke

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Oh my new job is just delightful!
Lovely customers, super cute babies, inspiring craft, really good workmate and great food. I even managed to meet the production designer of Feist's film clips today. It felt special!

My boss is super good too.
On my first day i'm told that i'm getting really good at answering the phone, to make sure i get some fresh air, have fun and not a word about working at all.
Then to top it off i receive a "Happy First Day" email awaiting me when i return home and a thank you for being apart of it!
Life is really good! New job new house and new beginnings.
Everything is perfect now!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thursday Night until now

Alex and I headed back to our home town on Thursday night. Awaiting us was the best cook up from Alex's mum Clair. I think you always want some aspect of your friends mum.
Friday was spent relaxing at the beach and searching through my toy box at home that holds so many memories. I found old school diaries, journals from school camps, dolly mags, books and what I learnt to walk on. This by fair the greatest treasure to find all dusty and unloved for 22 years.
Us and the dogs walked to the beach with watermelon strawberries and frittata ( thanks kristy) and spend a good 2hours in the water and sun. The dogs got a little hot so I had to construct a little shade hut.
Friday night made for the frankston line and all of it's worries and Crowded House!! Way up there with the greatest concerts!!
Work Work Work Saturday, Cup and Cuddles Exhibition and Birthday drinks.
Yesterday after work was spent packing to make a move. 4 suitcases 3 picnic baskes and thats only 3/4 of my books and fabric! I really have a long way to go and i didn't quite realise how much I had acclimated since living here. I always worry that after packing them away that I might need them at any moment.
Today...well today I start a new job and I have the pre job nerves and butterflies which are good and needed and I thinking having them makes sure you do the best job you can possible do.
I hope everyone had a great weekend too.
Happy Monday
Brooke and Moca (currently still on vacation at blairgowrie with grandma)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Flashback Friday - Happy Snap

Looking back now....
Well i've always loved the ever changing faces of Santa.
This was a yearly pixie photo op for me and me brother.
I wish I had the entire collection!
Happy Flashback Friday

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Simply the best!

Ruby gave birth to little Zack Leo at 10.45am.
So I became an Aunty for the 2nd time today.
I managed to get the smell of baby all over me...oh I just love the smell of babies!!
I made this little tee for him. Ruby loved it so much! I think I'll be making the boys clothes more often.
What a great Wednesday it was!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My new friends

This is Scooter and my new cook book
Scooter was made by my lovely and caring friend Jess.
I'm currently annoyed that I didn't place a bet on the Melbourne Cup. I will always bet on a Grey if one is racing. It could have paid for a new sewing machine if I had!
Happy Public Holiday to all

Monday, November 5, 2007

Stitching Night, Mirabel, Hollywood Palace

1. Elroy using his trunk (Thanks
Pei Pei)

2. My current love affair

3. Hollywood Palace

just a lovely night really!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sock and Glove - Softie for Mirabel

This is Elroy.
He was made with band new knee high socks that I found at the Op shop.
He really was nice and simple to make.
Sorry for the side shot. My computer won't let me post the correct way up photo.
With the help of these

I'm off to make a Cat.
Happy Sewing to all the Mirabel crafters.
Brooke and Moca

Friday, November 2, 2007

Flashback Friday - My Stylish Mum

My mum and my brother.

All of us, Christmas Morning.
The Smurfs are on telly! I loved the Smurfs. I remember when ever my brother annoyed me when I was older, I would put my fingers in my ears and sing the Smurf song...."la la la lala la lalala la laaaaa'....we both did it to each other and it made us 100 times more annoyed.
I think it's hard to believe that our mums were young once. Well I find it hard.

Happy Flashback Friday
Brooke & Moca