Sunday, August 17, 2008

Your Pet...Sadie and Lance

Whats your pets name/names? Focaccia Moo Cow/ Focaccia/ Caccie/ Miss Moo/ Caccie Moo
How old? 10 and a half-ish
Where do they sleep? on the people bed when possible, in the sun anywhere, otherwise in the cat bed - in that order
What is his or her breed? Crazy bitch!
Any special tricks/talent? playing nicely with small children (although she's less of a fan now she's a senior citizen), beating up yappy small dogs - seriously, she owns the street.
What do you think your pet was in a previous life? A mobster, cranky old biddy or possibely a dictator

Thank you Sadie and Lance what is her actually name?
brooke and moca


CurlyPops said...

I think my cat must be her sister...they're exactly alike!

SadieandLance said...

Hee hee here actual name IS Focaccia Moo Cow! Long story. Generally we just call her Focaccia and any of those nicknames I mentioned.