Friday, August 15, 2008

Your Elaine

Whats your pets name/names? Lola, cattikens, catface, puss-can and more recently fatbum as we have been cat-sitting and she eats all the leftovers and is getting fat.
How old? about 2 1/2. She found me at Lort Smith. Her first HORRIBLE family threw her out on the streets when she was a pregnant kitten. She had just weaned the kittens when she came to me and the vet said she was about one. She has a sweet nature and likes to chatter and chirp away to herself, occasionally asking your opinion.
Where do they sleep? On my bed at night and in the afternoons. In the evening after dinner, she goes down stairs to my sewing room and has a nap on my chair or in the middle of the papasan.
What is his or her breed? Domestic Short Hair/dag
Any special tricks/talent? Getting into any bag or basket that contains an unopened ball of wool and "quality testing", helping out with my sewing, catching and chasing around the toy mouse, checking to see that my eyeballs are still there at 6.45a.m.
What do you think your pet was in a previous life? a golden retriever. She likes playing catch, comes to the door to say hello and likes to hang out with her people.

Thank you Elaine for telling us about Lola. I think Cat product testing is super cute!!
brooke and moca

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