Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On my desk....

on my desk

kootoyoo uni folder

Today was good.
I've been sick which isn't so good.
So I took the day off, to just rest.
My doctor friend told me it's the best medicine.
So I dragged the spare mattress out into the sun with some reading, some embroidery and some painting/hooping/cutting/flowering/sticking.

My desk was on my front porch today.
This lovely lady gave me the Best folder for uni!!
I also was lucky to find some really lovely books this week and some great fabric too.
I've been reading up on Reggio Emilia. A happy way for children to develop!!
Oh and a big thank you to Gillian for sending me "A Dogs Life".
Your right Gemma, it does sound like Peeep.
brooke and moca


paintergirl said...

your resting sounds just the medicine girlfriend!

Cass said...

Your desk looks wonderful today