Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Caravan Garden

I like this a lot....

I grew up in a Caravan Park.
My parents managed it from when I was 4-8.
It was the greatest place to grow up!!
Games room with Kiss pinball machine, Craft classes during the school holidays and first kiss behind the Annex when I was too young.
There was always someone to visit and have biscuits with.
Like a big extended family really.

I really like this idea.
Found over here. The Vine is Good!!
I'll make biscuits and have jugs of Sangria on hand.
All we have to do is put our cash together to make it happen!
Kevin Van Braak is bring back my childhood!!
brooke and moca

1 comment:

victoria said...

oh Brooke you lucky thing! i love caravans - all that economy-of-space furniture and pocket-sized kitchens.
i feel like i'm back in the land of the living - it's amazing what 5 days with no sunlight can do!