Friday, August 31, 2007

The Australian Ballet...

Amazing, Warming, Emotional, Physical, Colourful, Lucky and Inspiring.
My first experience at the Ballet was more than i thought possible. I could see the musicians expressions and music notes. I could hear the ballet dancer say 'shit' when she nearly fell over.
I had tears of joy and emotion in my eyes at the beauty of it all.
Then the harp played and i couldn't feel more greatfull to my lovely friend Bella for allowing me it all.
This is an art that you have to experience at least once in life.

Love Brooke and Moca

Mary Kilvert

I think her work is beautiful.
The colours used, mix mediums and characters depicted makes me smile and happy when i look at her work.
Better still both Mary and I share a love for sausage dogs. This resulting in my first sausage dog brooch called Maisie heading over seas in a swap for this print.

At the last stitching night i embroidered this onto a tea towel.

You can find more of Mary's work here.

Love Brooke and Moca

Flashback Friday -Music

This is me at 15months. I'm lucky that my mum has written the age on the back of every photo that she taken since i was born.
All of my photo albums are back home, so i had to look though the bunch i took the last time i was home. If you look really close i think i have some music making toys in there. If not then i'm sure i used them to get mums attention when i wanted to get out.

Happy Flashback Friday to all!!

Brooke and Moca

Stitching Night

I really like stitching night!
I like that everyone is so friendly and helpful to each other and that I never have an empty cup. I think it helps when your in charge of top ups and when Holly Hobbie is on your cup too!

Little Sausage Dog Button. Thank you Pei Pei!!

Sausage Dog Tealight Holder!
Your the Best Kirsty!

Last night I started the tea towel for the Housemate Competition.
I received the most delightful gifts from Kirsty and Pei Pei.
Thank you both so much for your kindness.
Pei Pei Moca is being loving to his new family members. They are still on supervised playtimes but hopefully i can trust them all together soon.
Kirsty I can't wait to 'light my fire' and sew! I'm sorry that i used up nearly all of your brand new clover pencil.
Rin thanks for the closed eye fringe dancing.
Pip thank you for provided us a lovely space to chat, share ideas and eat the best cupcakes around! Oh and tell Mike the first sign of love is hate!

Love Brooke and Moca
p.s I'm going to the Ballet tonight. It's my first time. So i'm sorry if it seems like i'm bragging but i'm really excited about the experience.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beachy Wednesday

I grew up at the beach. In a little township called Blairgowire. I'm a beach girl.
I love having salty hair and skin and freckles to match!
So with the weather being so fine today, Moca and I heading to our local leash free Dog Beach.
We managed to bump into another Sausage dog, paddle in the water, get sandy paws and feet and get a lot of Vitamin D. The op shops provided me with an afternoon treat. A new dress and a pillow case.
I LOVE Wednesday!!

Brooke and Moca

does anyone know what type of tree I photograph? It's one of my favourites!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Laugh with me!!!

I decided to make Scones today. I called up my best ever scone recipe friend and had a go.
Alex's nan makes her scones with lemonade.
I had two problems.
1st i didn't have self raising flour.(i added baking powder)
2nd my flour was wholemeal.
I've never been all that confident with making cakes or sweets. There is chemistry to cooking and measurement, and i don't work all that well following instructions. I'm more of a show me how to do it and i'll follow type of girl.
So this is how they turned out.

I think they look like bread rolls but amazingly they taste yummy!! Oh i also purchased cooking cream and you can't beat cooking cream. How was i to know? So thats why the cream is runny and not peaky. It was a laughable experience, but i have gone away with knowledge from my mistakes. Thats what lifes about after all.

Boobook and Moca

Monday, August 27, 2007

At loooong last!!!

Genevieve and I headed to South Melbourne Market for our weekly fix of Jam Donuts and food shopping. Sweep house. Mop house. Water orange trees and rose bushes..... Ok so i was procrastinating, but i was a little scared to start my project for the Genki.

6 hours later and one jug of Sangria (not all me, i know not to operate heavy machinery while sewing machines and irons count?) I made a life sized Sausage Dog.

Her name is Dolly. She is quite wonky in her back legs and it kinda looks like she is squatting which is very Sausage dog like if you were to ask Moca to sit. We say squat around the house now. I found the pattern for her here.

She is going to be apart of the Genki Happy Springtime Caravan as a welcoming dog. Dolly is going to be up for auction too, with all the proceeds heading to Melbourne City Mission.
I think Moca will be happy to see her go, especially when she interfered with his sunday walk.

Thanks to everyone so far for entered the Housemate Competition. Keep them coming. Luce thank you for your entry, but i can't win!!

Love Brooke Moca and Dolly

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Housemate Competition!

My housemates name is Genevieve Zoe Petch. I think everyone should know her entire name. I know she won’t care, but if she does I’ll just top it off with a picture of her too.

Moca and I think she is the best housemate ever because:
- she takes Moca for walks and gives him baths
-hangs out our washing

-pays the bills on time
-cooks amazing roast dinners (if your not home on time she will make up a plate for later)
-she has made me love pears, pauls custard and black forest chocolate
-helps me occasionally when I’m stuck figuring out colour combinations for my brooches
-because I receive messages like this:
“hey sexy simmons I just got Motcha a $10 lead so I can take him for a walk. Also if the weather is like this tomorrow, I think we should make punch and have a BBQ”

From Gens kindness and my appreciation I want to hear about your past and present housemates. You can win something too!!!
All names will be placed into a sewing box and in two weeks time, if your housemate and you are drawn, you will win:
One embroidered tea towel saying “My housemate is nice like me”. I may even stitch a house on there too, just to keep with the theme.
This isn’t just limited to OZ either I’m making it a world wide search!
So get thinking and sharing!!!
Brooke and Moca

Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh Pear Tart..100% French!!!

Lucky me to be lucky enough to work with a frenchy.
Meme gracefully walked into work with these.

Freshly made Pear Tarts!!!
C'est magnifique i say!!!

xoxx brooke

What i like to make

Sausage dogs....little long stumpy seal like dogs that i just adore!!!

Some favourites include Brandon, Moca, Timmy, Schnitzel Von Krumm and Noodle.

I like to make Sausage Dog brooches.
I make them watching T.V or in the sun or sometimes on the train to work.
I'm always surprised when they sell and smile when i receive the news.

You can find them running about at Meet me at mikes and Genki.

Thanks to everyone who has taken one into there homes!!

Brooke & Moca

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lets make it Wednesday....

Wednesday is by fair my favourite day of the week. I like to write Wednesday, say Wednesday and enjoy Wednesday! Never call me between 7.30 and 8.30pm if we want to stay friends on Wednesday.

Yesterday I craftily adventured into the city for supplies and a bit of a wander.

Douglas and Hope had there 'back soon' sign up, which i only just read and it came down!! They have a lovely wooded Owl door or wall hanging. Pip you would love it!

I stopped in at Dymocks and purchased the english translated version of 'The Little Prince' and flicked through the craft books. I then adventured down degraves subway and found a little white rabbit at Corky.

I popped into the op shop and found this great green material and little lemon icing gloves.
Even more reason to love Wednesday more!!!

Happy Wednesday (I know it's Thursday)

Brooke & Moca

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sausage Dogs for me!

My three all time favourite sausage dogs!!!
1st Brandon
2nd Moca
3rd Timmy (thanks to pip for introducing us)

boobook and moca

One Giant Leap

I wish this was me leaping over a really big chubby rain filled puddle, but it's the blogging blogger leap that i'm performing today!

I'm reading through all the information and it's zooming over my head and in my left ear and out the other....oh my head hurts already!!

What i have managed to process is Moca giving me cuddles is nice and that Genki is apart of Motorola Melbourne Spring Fashion Week .
They will take you back to your family holidays with there ' Happy Springtime Caravan'.(Take a peek)
To top it off, all works display will be sold by silent auction with all the cash going to The Melbourne City Mission!

Oh we love of Genki!!

Boobook and Moca