Sunday, August 24, 2008

My desktop picture....

image via here

A nice girl sent me this link a little while ago.
I felt content when I first viewed it.
It makes me think of so many things.

Where is she?
What is her sausage dogs name?
How long will it take her to get home?
Does she roll home?
What flowers does she like to pick?

What I like most of all, the little girl and the dogs hair is the same colour!
Something that moca and I seem to get a lot!


bex said...

I wish I could roll home.

umbrellabella said...

Its a magical image I feel like looking at it for a long time- thankyou for sharing. I think they both roll home-much faster than walking xox

handmade romance said...

Awe this is beautiful! I love the roof tops and rolling hills. I wonder which house is home?

AnastasiaC said...

this is just so beautiful - i want to live there!!! amazing...i wonder what it looks like now?