Sunday, July 12, 2009

a place to call my own

I've dusted off the keyboard, i've tried to find the missing "N" key to my keyboard, but alas I realised that I much prefer it's soft squishy bump that was hiding underneath.
I'm listening to Micheal Jackson like most of the world i'm guessing. My favourite songs "Got to be starting something" also "The way you make me feel". Purely for the line "your just the product of loveliness"!! That line warms me. I'm drinking CH'I and I just put my gumboots on to keep me warmer. I'm thinking about my favourrite colour and wishing that is was shining on me.
I'm also looking at a Yellow sausage dog pen that Angela found for me. Wondering if someone would come home soon and flip the record for me.
I'm thinking about all of this in a little place that I have created to call my own. It's amazing when sharing a house how you crave certain things to keep you sane. I realised that I needed a place that my sewing machine could stay and never be packed away. A place that I can sit to start posting blogs, to pin up stuff that inspires me and reminds me of nice memories.
It's been far to long if you ask me.