Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Your Carla

Whats your pets name/names? His name is Charlie Brown, However he also goes by Charlie, Chuck, Chuckie & for some now forgotten reason ... Chicken.
How old? He is 7 - turning 8 on December 16
Where do they sleep?
He sleeps in various spots depending on his mood, the temperature & time of day. He loves to have quick naps by the pool in the sun (he lives on the gold coast) he also loves to sleep on an ottoman in the front room of the house as he can keep an eye on the kitchen, the study, the lounge room, the garden, the street & the front door all at the same time. At night he bunks down on a mix of the bed (up top close to you if its cold or he is feeling particularly cuddly) and on his cushy bed and boomerang pillow.
What is his or her breed?
He is a mini/medium poodle- but not a puffed up poodle- he has a cool mustache...
Any special tricks/talent?
Many, he likes to swim laps in the pool, the ability to extradite the sole pea or carrot from a meal and leave it behind & my favourite is his ability to communicate what he wants through his facial expressions- it may sound crazy - but it's like he talks to you. He is also very good at playing hide and seek. Either with one of his various toys or with someone at the park. Oh he also has an amazing ability to tell time. hehe- like breakfast time, dinner time, go to the park time etc.....
What do you think your pet was in a previous life? Some one who was probably very very happy and kind and friendly. As Charlie really is a happy sweet dog. He has never been heard to growl. He is always happy to see people and meet new people. He is patient & playful with puppies, children even annoying yappy bossy dogs. He's just friendly even if he is feeling sick or has hurt him self. He is very smart too. So i think he must have been a generous happy smartypants. hehe- or else the opposite & he is making up for it in his new life.

Thanks to Carla for introducing Charlie to us! I love your
Mustache Charlie, so wise!

Brooke and Moca

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