Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Your Angela

Whats your pets name/names? Audrey
How old? I don't know but I know I love her!
Where do they sleep? She sleeps half the night down by my feet in bed until she gets bored then half the night outside.
What is his or her breed? I don't know that either! - she was adopted you see...
Any special tricks/talent? YES! Audrey likes to collect bright pink camelia flowers and leaves them at our door. One day I counted 15 camelias.
What do you think your pet was in a previous life? An Indian Princess or a florist.

I've been lucky enough to meet Audrey and receive one of her Pink Camelias TOO.
Thank you
Angela for telling is about Audrey.

If you would like to join in, click here for the info.
Thanks for making things looking pretty around here!!

Brooke and Moca

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mel bomba said...

Leavings flower on the door step, what a sweetie.