Saturday, September 22, 2007

We saved a Raven

I found a little baby Raven in the car park after work today. He had the brightest blue eyes and little baby feathers under his wings. He just looked up at me and croaked. He had the sweetest little croak I have ever heard. It kinda sounded like a duck.
I didn't know what to do but i knew that I couldn't leave him there to be hurt. I mean what are the chance of a bird sitting near the car door that you are about to get into.

So Little bird Raven and I walked up to Mikes for help.

Pip rang lots of places and we finally came across a lovely lady called Jan who works as a volunteer for Wildlife Victoria.
Little bird Raven was very sick. Even thow he was jumping around and croaking when he was with me. Jan said Little bird Raven was very thin and that she was going to feed him up and put a heat lamp on him and hopefully he would be ok. I'm going to call back on Monday and see how he is.

Thank you for helping Pippy!!

Brooke and Moca


Kirsty said...

Oh you are a sweet soul & that Pip is surely the person to make an SOS call to. I'd have been no use at all - winged things freak me out. Have a glorious day.

three buttons said...

Poor little baby Raven... I will send my best get well wishes to baby Raven so she will fly off into the blue sky again soon!!!