Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hot Dogs!!

Thanks to My Poppet and Erin for telling me about this.

"The US city Cincinnati celebrates Oktoberfest every year, but this weekend the Bavarian-inspired festival, modelled after the original in Germany, will kick off with a new event.

Organisers have announced the inaugural "Running of the Wieners," a 50-foot race open to the first 50 dachshunds willing to be outfitted in hot-dog bun costumes for a chance to be declared the canine champion.

Dachshunds, commonly known as "wiener dogs" because of their shape, were considered a natural choice for the 32nd annual celebration of Cincinnati's German heritage."

This is Mocas brother Snags and Mocas bum.
We entered them into Jack Russel races at a Garden and Pet Expo. Gosh it was a laugh! We had to put them in starting cages and Moca got stuck trying to turn around. Then when the doors lifted they just stood there wondering what was happening. Needless to say they created quite a laugh and once they reached the end they received matching pink ribbons for trying .

Brooke and Moca


Anonymous said...

Oh My God !!! The "hotdogs" look great!!!

MezzoKat said...

Gotta love those racing wieners!
In your profile, you said that you think everyone should have a crush. Take a peek at the following blog by Michelle Ward:
Every month, Michelle chooses a theme (Crusade!) and invites anyone willing to interpret it on their own blogsite. September's theme/Crusade is, "Crush on...". I think your dachshund love would be a terrific crush subject!
By the way, I found your blog because, after a long lapse, I've started knitting again, and was looking for other knitting bloggers.

Linny T said...

Oh my gosh those hot dogs are so gorgeous!

Kirsty said...

Where is snags now?

three buttons said...

Your post just put a BIG smile on my face : ) So Cute!

Jenny said...


I saw you had wrote to my friends blog and I had to visit your page - I'm a finnish dachshund breeder and I love to do dachshund art (on my HP you can see some of them). I love your dachshund works, so inspiring! Greetings to your sausage :)

Best wishes,

Christie said...

Those running 'hot dogs' are so funny!