Friday, September 28, 2007

Flashback Friday - Me and my pet

My all time favourite and standout Pet, Brandon.

I loved how he walked down the same track beside the road everyday. Over time he made his own little track. He would run ahead of you when walking to the beach but always run back to see where you were.
He was friendly to all the neighbours, had the happiest tail in Blairgowire and made for many happy memories as a child.
This is where my love started for Sausage dogs after all!

My current Sausage Dog love Moca.
Happy Flashback Friday!!


three buttons said...

Awwww!!! So damn Cute!!

You two look like the best of friends : )

Liss said...

ah so cute...i love the one of you and Brandon with birthday hats.

happy flashback friday !

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute looks like your baby.

Linny T said...

Moca is just too cool in those sunnies.

Kirsty said...

Such beautiful pics & such heartfelt sentiment. I reckon it'd be a good life if you were a dog owned by Brooke.

Cherryskin said...

Brandon, I'd love to pick you up out of this monitor and cuddle you (if Brooke let me). You are so cute!

Anonymous said...

You have made me really fall in love with sausage dogs....and now I see them all the time...i didnt realise how many were around! I love your party hats - so cute!