Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Wednesday Love

Another great Wednesday

ABC Little Golden Book

Housemate Competition Prize

Picture from
The Woodland Folk Meet The Elves by Tony Wolf

Op Shop Love

My Own Book Of Birds 1937 - true treasure

Just a lovely inspiring day really. Hope everyone had a happy Wednesday too.
Big thank to Pip for her spaces tips. Dolly we hope your enjoying your trip away!! We look forward to seeing your pictures.

Brooke and Moca


Kirsty said...

Sensational Op Shopped fabrics. What a great day you had.

CresceNet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Hi, I'm from Poland -when I was a kid a got Woodland folk Meet the Fairies or something -I fall in love with it!
But it's impossible to find it in Poland -I can't have it from ebay or amazon (don't ask -Poland is afar away). Could you post scans from woodland folk series or photos taken with camera? I could translate it to my sister. It would be great for Christmas! Thank You so much for Your time.
Emilia Aderek

boobook said...

I would be more than happy to take some photos for you Emilia.
Hopefully they should be sent to you tomorrow.