Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Late night thrifting...

Ok...so I think I was a little naughty. I just popped down the street and past the clothing bins and what was I to find but this.

It was popping open and inside I found a floral table cloth and a back scratcher. The back scratcher is wee creepy. It's a miniature resin hand. Moca seems to think it does the job just right.
This is probably the only bonus of where I live. The people don't see the value in a beautiful green suitcase with shining silver buckles and contents inside. I think this is going to be a great week!!

Brooke and Moca
I'm sending a huge hug and a kiss to my beautiful friend in W.A. After 5 years of dedication, stress, tears and study Piri will be a Vet at the end of the year. Well done on getting your preferred placement today Piri!! Moca and I are so happy for you! Your now Mocas Vet!


my poppet said...

Thanks for the link Brooke, I also love snuggling under bed covers - looks like Fritz and I may have much in common!

Christie said...

Love the tablecloth, what a find!