Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday kisses...

From the top:
Bird Tumbler from Douglas and Hope(flowers from my garden)
Golden Book Journal from Corky
Street Art from the City

My day was spent getting sun kisses, making truffles with Gen and putting together a mini garden for the front entrance.

Oh I'm a little excited too. Mum finally found her banana cake recipe and it's my all time favourite!! So hopefully tomorrow I can make mum proud!!

brooke and moca


Kirsty said...

Lovely, lovely & lovely. Hope the baking goes well.

three buttons said...

I didn't realise you scored a Bambi golden book journal!!! Lucky duck.

I've been thinking about banana cake alot lately, must be something in the air.

three buttons said...
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Liss said...

your little garden looks so nice!
And I love the Bambi journal.