Friday, September 7, 2007

Flashback Friday - Weddings

Me and my brother in 1987 and again in 1993.
I've always felt that you were lucky to be a flower girl.
Maybe lucky for having to have your hair in rollers for three days so you fitted the ideal image for the bride!
Or being told that if you didn't behave that the other Brooke (who i didn't like for many reason. First me having to write Brooke S on all of my work in primary school so the teachers knew which Brookes work they were marking. Second she was the Brooke everyone wanted to be friends with too, so I felt I had one up on her if I got the job.)
I always felt like a little princess and mum said if she lost me that she would always find me on the stage with the band members doing my best Tambourine playing.

Happy Flashback Friday

Brooke and Moca


Liss said...

ooh so cute. I love the first look so happy and proud to be a flower girl! I think I wasn't too impressed with the job...most of the photos I'm frowning in.

emma said...

Beautiful photos Brooke, and lovely to read about the super days you've been having this week. Come on Spring-ness and good things for all!!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

aww.. you look like a couple of wedding cake toppers! super adorable!

kootoyoo said...

I thought it was special to be a flower girl too. Unfortunately I had to wait until I was 14 to get the gig & it was my Dad's wedding so it doesn't really count does it? These pics are really lovely Brooke.

Love Kirsty

Lark said...

Oh gorgoues, it's so nice that you have a pair of photos like this, taken at different weddings!

Christie said...

Love the pics Brooke & by the way you have been tagged!! Full full instructions head on over to

summer pickles said...

oooh... lucky you!
I was never a flower girl, but would dearly have loved to have been one!!!
I love your hair in the first photo... gorgeous!