Thursday, September 13, 2007

my eyes are raining all over Dolly.

I can't thank this person enough for what happen to me this afternoon.
Two big packages lay in the entrance when I arrived home.
Top one for my housemate Sarah and bottom one address to ME!
I ripped it open and inside was DOLLY.

This letter was inside and has made me even more greatfull to the people that surround me.

I wish I could find your quilt for you!!
Loveliness is still alive and no one will ever change my mind.
Thank you to the lovely craft fairy for having such a kind heart and beautiful spirit!!

Brooke Moca and Dolly x


Liss said...

oow thats beautiful Brooke. I'm so glads to see Dolly is back with you and Moca.

Christie said...

What an amazing thing to do...

Linny T said...

Oh, how lovely! Nice to know there are still some very thoughtful, lovely people out there.

Anonymous said...

nice person! heheh.. i hope moca is happy!

just a quick note: i saw 2 sausage dogs here a few days ago! My jap (or rather my sign language) was good enough for me to tell the girl that I would like to take some pics! yay! must show to you. they dogs seem small.

take care brooke and moca!