Friday, August 24, 2007

What i like to make

Sausage dogs....little long stumpy seal like dogs that i just adore!!!

Some favourites include Brandon, Moca, Timmy, Schnitzel Von Krumm and Noodle.

I like to make Sausage Dog brooches.
I make them watching T.V or in the sun or sometimes on the train to work.
I'm always surprised when they sell and smile when i receive the news.

You can find them running about at Meet me at mikes and Genki.

Thanks to everyone who has taken one into there homes!!

Brooke & Moca


kootoyoo said...

Look at your perfect stitching & those gorgeous colour combinations. You are so clever

Love Kirsty

three buttons said...

Hello sweet pea! I saw your gorgeous sausage dogs at Genki last week. You do fine work and have great taste.

Angela x

summer pickles said...

These are such lovely sausage dogs!
I have just made my first ever sausage dog, and Angela @ three buttons suggested I should pop over and say hello :)
You have a lovely blog!!! Will now have to "waste" more housework time on cruising around your blog... (what a shame!)
Have a very happy weekend!
Hannah xx

Betty Jo said...

I guess your blog has answered my question about sausage dogs...they don't mind being compared to a sausage!
Kirsty at Kooyotoo mentioned your blog, it's lovely.

Ginger said...

Saw this link to see your sausage dog lol so cute! Saw the link at kooyotoo she a sweet heart.
So happy i came to see it the colors are awesome great mix.
hugs ginger(lovestodream)