Friday, August 31, 2007

The Australian Ballet...

Amazing, Warming, Emotional, Physical, Colourful, Lucky and Inspiring.
My first experience at the Ballet was more than i thought possible. I could see the musicians expressions and music notes. I could hear the ballet dancer say 'shit' when she nearly fell over.
I had tears of joy and emotion in my eyes at the beauty of it all.
Then the harp played and i couldn't feel more greatfull to my lovely friend Bella for allowing me it all.
This is an art that you have to experience at least once in life.

Love Brooke and Moca


Christie said...

Hey Brooke,

Nice to meet you at 'mikes' on thurs. Love your blog- Moca is VERY cute!

Christie x

kootoyoo said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the ballet sweet Brooke.

Have a lovely weekend.

Love Kirsty

my poppet said...

Oh, how i would love to have a miniature daschund of my own. He would be named Fritz as a tribute to his German heritage. He would accompany me on all my outings and keep me comapny at my store. Little children would be facinated by his unusually short stature and silky smooth coat...but alas I live in a gardenless appartment. Maybe one day Fritz and i will shack up and live happily ever after...

kwoozy said...

hahah.. ballet, i went once some years ago it was romeo and juliet, it was good but my friend and I did find it a little amusing that you can't just "die" in ballet. you need to twirl and blah and then die stylishly.

and of course Barbara will be at home. I need to take a pic of Woozy and her but the rabbit's on to me and runs away everytime the camera is out (is it any surprise that most pics of the guy is of him doing the "chicken" when he is too lazy to move).

market was OK. i sold just enough to cover the fees so that was alright. it was fun though. Pip + Ari came to say hi :)