Monday, August 27, 2007

At loooong last!!!

Genevieve and I headed to South Melbourne Market for our weekly fix of Jam Donuts and food shopping. Sweep house. Mop house. Water orange trees and rose bushes..... Ok so i was procrastinating, but i was a little scared to start my project for the Genki.

6 hours later and one jug of Sangria (not all me, i know not to operate heavy machinery while sewing machines and irons count?) I made a life sized Sausage Dog.

Her name is Dolly. She is quite wonky in her back legs and it kinda looks like she is squatting which is very Sausage dog like if you were to ask Moca to sit. We say squat around the house now. I found the pattern for her here.

She is going to be apart of the Genki Happy Springtime Caravan as a welcoming dog. Dolly is going to be up for auction too, with all the proceeds heading to Melbourne City Mission.
I think Moca will be happy to see her go, especially when she interfered with his sunday walk.

Thanks to everyone so far for entered the Housemate Competition. Keep them coming. Luce thank you for your entry, but i can't win!!

Love Brooke Moca and Dolly


Liss said...

I like markets...Can I come too?
whats the second image off?

Liss said...

its very cute...I like !!
lets do more show and tell at Mikes this week. Ill bring my new things.


kootoyoo said...

Oh Brooke, I love Dolly - she is gorgeous. I'm sure Moca will be said when she moves to the Genki Caravan. I think that the caravan is the absolute best idea ever. Good on you for being part of it.

Love Kirsty

Linda said...

hi Brooke thanks for dropping by I am so glad you did! I LOVE DOLLY and your brooches are gorgeous too. Moca is so pretty looking with the most beautiful eyes! I would love to join the housemates comp but I had years living in Melbourne and my housemates were nightmares!!!!!

kootoyoo said...

Beautiful Brooke, what a lovely, sweet girl you are!!! I will see you on Thursday night. I have a little something for you!

Love Kirsty

kwoozy said...

spendido! it really is moca-size! So gorgeous. No wonder Moca is jealous. Dolly looks so much better than the pattern one. Now I can't wait till thurs :)

three buttons said...

Dolly makes me smile! She is sooo cute.