Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beachy Wednesday

I grew up at the beach. In a little township called Blairgowire. I'm a beach girl.
I love having salty hair and skin and freckles to match!
So with the weather being so fine today, Moca and I heading to our local leash free Dog Beach.
We managed to bump into another Sausage dog, paddle in the water, get sandy paws and feet and get a lot of Vitamin D. The op shops provided me with an afternoon treat. A new dress and a pillow case.
I LOVE Wednesday!!

Brooke and Moca

does anyone know what type of tree I photograph? It's one of my favourites!


kootoyoo said...

It's a magnolia. I love them too! It looks like you had a gorgeous day!

Liss said...

I was just going to write its a Magnolia. I love them and cherry blossoms. ooo and jasmine too.

What a nice day at the beach. I must take me little Georgie to the beach again soon.