Friday, August 31, 2007

Stitching Night

I really like stitching night!
I like that everyone is so friendly and helpful to each other and that I never have an empty cup. I think it helps when your in charge of top ups and when Holly Hobbie is on your cup too!

Little Sausage Dog Button. Thank you Pei Pei!!

Sausage Dog Tealight Holder!
Your the Best Kirsty!

Last night I started the tea towel for the Housemate Competition.
I received the most delightful gifts from Kirsty and Pei Pei.
Thank you both so much for your kindness.
Pei Pei Moca is being loving to his new family members. They are still on supervised playtimes but hopefully i can trust them all together soon.
Kirsty I can't wait to 'light my fire' and sew! I'm sorry that i used up nearly all of your brand new clover pencil.
Rin thanks for the closed eye fringe dancing.
Pip thank you for provided us a lovely space to chat, share ideas and eat the best cupcakes around! Oh and tell Mike the first sign of love is hate!

Love Brooke and Moca
p.s I'm going to the Ballet tonight. It's my first time. So i'm sorry if it seems like i'm bragging but i'm really excited about the experience.


kootoyoo said...

I like stitching night too!

Love Kirsty

kwoozy said...

Thank you very much brooke for Barbara, aka Moca3! Barbara has been sniffed for approval by the rabbit - he was very curious at first and then he head-butted Barbara. Hahah - it was a great swap. (will have to blog later later .. after the market..) Hahah.. Moca is too adorable!
Oohh kirsty have a blog! I didn't know that.

Melanie said...

Stitching night was lovely - thanks for being a very sweet co-hostess Brooke, it was great meeting you :)