Friday, August 31, 2007

Mary Kilvert

I think her work is beautiful.
The colours used, mix mediums and characters depicted makes me smile and happy when i look at her work.
Better still both Mary and I share a love for sausage dogs. This resulting in my first sausage dog brooch called Maisie heading over seas in a swap for this print.

At the last stitching night i embroidered this onto a tea towel.

You can find more of Mary's work here.

Love Brooke and Moca


teddybearswednesday said...

Brooke your embroidered sausage dog is beautiful! I love it!!
I agree with you about Mary, I love her pictures too, but I never knew her, so thanks to you now I do.
love you lots
Jess xoxo

kootoyoo said...

Your finished sausage dog is just lovely and so are these images.

Love Kirsty

kwoozy said...

lovely prints and embroidery!

summer pickles said...

you are absolutely right... Mary's work makes me smile too :)
thanks for introduing me to her!

ps love your embroidery!