Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Laugh with me!!!

I decided to make Scones today. I called up my best ever scone recipe friend and had a go.
Alex's nan makes her scones with lemonade.
I had two problems.
1st i didn't have self raising flour.(i added baking powder)
2nd my flour was wholemeal.
I've never been all that confident with making cakes or sweets. There is chemistry to cooking and measurement, and i don't work all that well following instructions. I'm more of a show me how to do it and i'll follow type of girl.
So this is how they turned out.

I think they look like bread rolls but amazingly they taste yummy!! Oh i also purchased cooking cream and you can't beat cooking cream. How was i to know? So thats why the cream is runny and not peaky. It was a laughable experience, but i have gone away with knowledge from my mistakes. Thats what lifes about after all.

Boobook and Moca

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kootoyoo said...

One of my friends from school says "ah scones - it's just something to keep your fingers from getting covered in jam & cream". So I reckon your scones are a success and anyway a life lesson is always a bonus!!!

Love Kirsty