Saturday, August 25, 2007

Housemate Competition!

My housemates name is Genevieve Zoe Petch. I think everyone should know her entire name. I know she won’t care, but if she does I’ll just top it off with a picture of her too.

Moca and I think she is the best housemate ever because:
- she takes Moca for walks and gives him baths
-hangs out our washing

-pays the bills on time
-cooks amazing roast dinners (if your not home on time she will make up a plate for later)
-she has made me love pears, pauls custard and black forest chocolate
-helps me occasionally when I’m stuck figuring out colour combinations for my brooches
-because I receive messages like this:
“hey sexy simmons I just got Motcha a $10 lead so I can take him for a walk. Also if the weather is like this tomorrow, I think we should make punch and have a BBQ”

From Gens kindness and my appreciation I want to hear about your past and present housemates. You can win something too!!!
All names will be placed into a sewing box and in two weeks time, if your housemate and you are drawn, you will win:
One embroidered tea towel saying “My housemate is nice like me”. I may even stitch a house on there too, just to keep with the theme.
This isn’t just limited to OZ either I’m making it a world wide search!
So get thinking and sharing!!!
Brooke and Moca


kootoyoo said...

Mmm. I haven't had a housemate for a long time. I share my house now with 3 gorgeous kids, 1 sensational husband & 1 puppy.

Love Kirsty

PS: Tealight holders.

summer pickles said...

Hello again!
Okay, I am now living with my hubby... BUT many years ago I had a lovely housemate who would leave me sweet notes on the kitchen counter, wishing me a good day if yesterday had been a crappy one, letting me know that she was planning on baking a chocolate meringue tomorrow, so I had better start saving some stomach space... we used to do illustrations together for invitations for our parties and generally looked out for each other. It was lovely.
Love your new blog (and your dog!)
Hannah xx

three buttons said...

I shared an old Malvern mansion with Miss Carolyn Rundell, she was a bohemian artist with an amazing studio. We loved to spend time chatting in the kitchen drinking earl grey tea and she could make a mean soup.

Once on christmas day when she went off to visit her family in the country she left me a note to say your hamper is in the fridge. She put together a lovely basket of ham, salads and christmas pudding! Because I live so far away from my family she made my christmas day that year very special.

Carolyn was my best housemate!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Hmm.. housemate of the universe award... Well.. that would be a tie between Ari and Max Steel. Consider the following..

Pip -"Oh Ari.. I just can't bear cleaning.. I'd rather be doing something nice"
Ari - "Who cares about cleaning Mum? Let's just do something Happy!"

Pip - "Sorry Max - I'm just a bit annoyed about all the crappy housework I have to do"
Max - "Oh Mum - you do your best - why don't you just relax and have a cup of tea"


xx pip

Anonymous said...

I once had a housemate for a summer and she had a lovely sausage dog she wouldn't stay always cause she sometimes would go and visit her mum...but i will always remember the fun time spent over summer with the dogs, the drinks and the dancing.

Her name was Brooke and she was lovely.

posiepatchwork said...

Not sure i can apply, as i left home to get married while i was still at Uni, but seeing Pip mentioned her sons, i can nominate my super husband as the best flat mate ever. He left home to join the Army, so he has different stories of living in the 'lines' as they call it. So here's to super Drew who keeps his Army gear fastidiously clean & tidy, he's such a great daddy to our 4 monkeys, i don't mind picking up his boxer shorts which never quite make it into the hamper. Tonight he made a roast dinner & as i have a headcold, he let me doze all afternoon, while he read to the children & brought me a hot chocolate in bed. It's 10 years of marriage, 4 children & he still fills my car up with fuel as he knows i don't really like doing it. Love him to pieces, go Drew!! Love Posie
PS i've seen your brooches in Mike's, they are beautiful, i'm just a big dog lover, but my best friend has real sausage dogs & she loves them, all named with the letter 'P', like Phoebe & Poppy.

boobook said...

All of these stories are so lovely. Husbands and kids and dogs and plants can enter...
Spread the word bloggers
brooke and moca

Squidgyandwonky said...

My best housemate is Rolph, my favourite bear. Because well he's just the best, and if you meet him you would know what i mean. He gives the best hugs, is great company but doesn't invade your space and understands everything, from a good to bad day. He doesn't mind my mess, he likes all the stuff I like to watch on telly, and he always make me feel loved and special.
xx Jess

LouLou said...

Hi...I too havent had many house mates but I did grow up with a very cute girl called Carly Anne
(I like to call her Fanyard!)I think she was the best housemate ever because she always played Barbies with me,she told me she loved me EVERY night before going to sleep,she shared all her special treasures and secrets with me - and still does,she danced with me all the time and sang Grease songs and played "Miss World" and let me win!!! She was a fun housemate and next week when both our men are away we are going to have sleepovers and do it all over again....maybe not the Miss World part though! Also she is my baby
Oh shit I just realised that these were all posted in August - sorry....

Linny T said...

Well, like others here, it's been a while since I had a housemate who was a husband or son. My husbane is the best housemate ever. Very considerate, very tidy, very proactive in everyway - except when it comes to dishes. I wondered why this was, and then I looked to his father and two brothers, and realised it was a family trait. We both hate dishes, but I hate a dirty kitchen more. But we settled all arguments and bought a dishwasher instead. Now I hate stacking it.
Not much more to say on housemates, except I once lived with a girl who take over the (only) bathroom for half the day (no joke) and then leave half a head full of hair plastered all over the shower, sink and floor. Yick. And she had long long black hair. Very noticeable, very yicky. But we're still friends.