Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lets make it Wednesday....

Wednesday is by fair my favourite day of the week. I like to write Wednesday, say Wednesday and enjoy Wednesday! Never call me between 7.30 and 8.30pm if we want to stay friends on Wednesday.

Yesterday I craftily adventured into the city for supplies and a bit of a wander.

Douglas and Hope had there 'back soon' sign up, which i only just read and it came down!! They have a lovely wooded Owl door or wall hanging. Pip you would love it!

I stopped in at Dymocks and purchased the english translated version of 'The Little Prince' and flicked through the craft books. I then adventured down degraves subway and found a little white rabbit at Corky.

I popped into the op shop and found this great green material and little lemon icing gloves.
Even more reason to love Wednesday more!!!

Happy Wednesday (I know it's Thursday)

Brooke & Moca


kootoyoo said...

I love Wednesday too because I always spent it with my Grandma. She was ACE. I love your green fabric. It sounds like you had a fun day and I LOVE the fact that you are up & at it so early in the day.

Love Kirsty

Liss said...

I love the subway. Was the art still up?
And I remember those handwriting guides from primary school...hehe and getting your pen license. I think I still have my certificate to say I can use red and blue pen. I should look for it when i go back to mum's

xo Liss

emma said...

Hello Brooke!
Just came to visit you in Blogland.
It was lovely to see you in Dymocks yesterday and I wish you every success in your Little Prince/learning French pursuit.
I love the way that worlds collide with astonishing frequency.
Thanks for visiting my blog too.
em x