Monday, September 22, 2008

Moca the sausage dog

This picture pretty much sums up Mocas life. He doesn't mind the mess either. Ask him! He will say " I prefer it that way". what a good dog he is!!


Kirsty said...

He's too cute! I love your pillowcases.

Linda said...

what a cute little nook!

airhairlair said...

dogs life pah!! I hope I come back as a pooch!

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh MOca, he's so good, you just want to eat him, don't you. I love that you haven't made your bed, because I don't make mine either.
Also I've tagged you a some sort of blog award game
as a favourite blog. YOu can play along but NNNOOOO pressure.xx

in with the misfits said...

He's sooooo lovely! I love the fact he's doing such an excellent job of trying to imitate the pillows around him!I'm glad I've found your blog, so I can now spend way too long cooing over sausage dogs. Which is good. I was once witness to one disappearing into a cylindrical biscuit tin on a mission for treats - he was successful, but we had to tip him out otherwise he's still be there today!


martita said...

I love the photo! It shows how my dog will behave when she'll become a bit longer and bigger ;)