Monday, September 1, 2008

First Walk....

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Dear Pippy,
You will be super proud.
I went to TSL.
I got some leggings.
So tomorrow morning I'm going to go for a walk!!
My first walk.
My first Mikes International Walking Team walk.
I will collect flowers.
I have planned to plant some seedings too, in a wicker dolls pram that I found at the oppy today!!
This will be the song to start my day!!
One question: What is the earliest time that there is enough light to walk?
brooke and moca (moca is part of the team too)


Kirsty said...

I'd like to suggest the 5s but I think I'll be realistic & say for you Miss Brooke 6:30am.

Have fun.

boobook said...

i'm meeting you half way.
I'm going to be up and walking at 6am!
I've even organised a wake up call!!

Christie said...

what will moca wear...?

Kirsty said...

You know about the text issues...great job Miss B. I'm impressed!