Friday, September 26, 2008


image from here
Picnic Basket!
"Come to my house for dinner on friday night?!
If you get lost just call me, but you can't miss it really!
Cos it's a giant picnic basket!"
Just imagine all of the picnic goodness in there!


in with the misfits said...
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in with the misfits said...

Spookier still.... imagine the size of the cakes you could get in there! Omnomnom!!


meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

That looks like my holiday house.
I know you're not aware of this, but cam and the boys and i usually drive our apple-shaped car along the sour-strap road to our picnic basket shack. It's really true.

Do you have any lemons today?

Mc Cranky! said...

it bet this would live around the corner from the old lady who lives in a shoe. imagine.

SewHum said...


Kirsty said...

This is amazing! I love it.