Thursday, September 18, 2008

Childhood Birthday Cakes - Mikes Week of Baking

Mum and my brother
My Birthday Cake - Cat
My Birthday Cake - Clock
My birthday cake - 4
My birthday cake - Baby
My mum and the Women's Weekly Cake book, well they were best friends!
This really is something that I remember about my childhood.
When it was nearing my birthday, mum would pull out the cake book (which I now have) and ask us which one we would like for our party cake!
Thanks a bunch Mum, this is one tradition that I will be sure to follow!!
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teddybearswednesday said...

Me too Brooke!! It is really pretty much the only memory of my mum baking!! I had the mouse, and the train one, and the elephant and the bear! It's the best book.! How's your new job going?xx

petapledger said...

My son would LOVE the clock cake - thanks for the idea!!

Peta x

Lisa said...

Awesome cakes. Your Mum looks very trendy too.

handmade romance said...

We had the same tradition in my family too. I remember how exciting it was to pick out what cake would get made!! Or we would even put in requests. Mum did such a great job, one year even creating a cabbage patch kid for me! Luv ya Mum!!
Thanks for sharing and bringing back this memory Brooke : ) Evie