Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thrifted Tuesday

I found this fabric yesterday.
I was called lovey by the op shop lady and told the shoes I found were just beautiful. Such a shame they didn't fit me.
Lucky they fitted one of my friends so I know I will see them every now and then.

The little rabbit print is from back home. It's on a calico draw string bag.
I have a habbit of hiding things to see if they are there next time I head home. Is this bad?

Moca hasn't featured in a while, so here is a shot of him and his girlfriend stell.
Happy Thrifted Tuesday.



Kirsty said...

Op Shop ladies make me laugh. Moca looks very cute in this pic - sleek & beautiful.

Anonymous said...

oh, didn't know moca has a girlfriend. he's a hunky dog.