Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jordy lea's first blog

Here I was thinking that Jordyn wouldn't have a clue what a blog was when these words popped out of her mouth "A blog is an online diary"!! It seems as thow 7yr olds know everything these days. Jordyn asked if she could write my Blog today. So here it is:

"I started motor bike riding when I was 4 years old ! It's much to fun motor bike riding for me . I've got alot of wonderful frinds in blairgowrie Rye and Rosebud. Motor bike riding is my favorite sport .... and I've got two boy friends from my motor cycle club . Thay are two brothers ! The first one I met was Daniel simpson and his brother is Jack simpson ... it's not Jackson simpson it's just Jack ! I race Daniel ... he is hard to beat him . I strugle to beat him and guess what I did .even know that he's first off the line I get in the corner first ! And I want to kiss Jack and Daniel ... but I'm to shy to do it ... because the motor bike club is a busy place . I have a dog and a cat ! My dogs name is Rolly because he rolls in stuff . And my cats name is Boo . Becauce do you know moster inc you know that little girl Boo well we named Boo after that Boo because she is sutch a chareter... get it. There is four people in the Allen family there is Jackson Allen Amanda Allen Peter Allen and of cours me Jordyn Allen .And my best friend who's twenty three Brooke simmons ... my bestest friend of all . "

Love Jordy Brooke and Moca


Kirsty said...

Too cute....you'll be pleased to know that you have inspired a 10 year old with curls to make a sausage dog.

Liss said...

aaw thats lovely. Wow 7yrs olds do know everything!

Have fun at Frankston savers...I'm sure you will find lots of goodies.


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Wow Jordyn! You have such a cool and fun time down there at the Beach! That's awesome that you have two boyfriends, because if one is sick you have a spare! xx Pip and Ari