Monday, October 8, 2007

Just Imagine

I was just imagining, when peering in the window of Jasper Toys, that living in this little world of yellow walls, pink bathrooms little white dogs and bunnies might not be all that bad. I think as i'm getting older i want to be younger!

I found these lovely dresses at the op shop this morning. It made my achy self feel just peachy!! The purple dress is going to be worn at Lucy's birthday, which is in less that two weeks time. The other shall be worn when ever I feel like lollies. I think Miss Alsorts would love it!!

Happy Monday


Kirsty said...

I think it's a musk stick dress for sure. Glad your op shopping made you feel brighter.

three buttons said...

I can see you looking super cute in your new dresses!! You may outshine Miss Allsorts if you were in the same room!

Liss said...

oh those doll house pics remind me of being little. I always wanted my own little doll house.