Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A quick dash home

Moca was attacked by our friends dog on Monday.
After crying and mum informing me he was ok, i headed home to see him.
He has a very nasty bite on his back and a few more near his belly and legs but apart from that he is fine.
My poor little sausage!
Moca is back home resting up and taking it easy with mum. Lucky I have Dolly until he returns. I really do miss him alot.

Happy Wednesday


three buttons said...

oh dear! Poor Moca!! I hope him a speedy recovery... may dolly give you lots of hugs until he is with you once again.

Kirsty said...

Poor Moca. I hope he will make the most of the extra attention from your Mum. Hope you are doing OK too.

LouLou said...

Oh Poor Moca----lots of TLC needed! I thought of you the other day when I spotted some sausage dog pj pants at Peter Alexander in Spencer st DFO - they are so gorgeous - i think you should cheer yourself up with a pair! YES!

leslie said...

ooooh, poor little sausage! he looks like he needs lots of smooches.

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh Moca! Come over here and Snoopy will give you a special hug and kiss it all better. Hoping you cracked out the Sesame St bandaids for your poor sausage!

my poppet said...

poor Moca, get well soon sweetie

Christie said...

Poor Moca! Guess that is one of the cons of being so bloody delicious! x

Linda said...

Oh no! Poor Moca. I'm glad he's ok, but what a terrible thing to happen! Best wishes to Moca for a quick recovery, and to you to!