Sunday, October 28, 2007

I just ADORE this video

Oh Miss Sarah Blasko....
I just saw this video on telly!
Everything about the video is great!!
From milk bar milkshake cups, vanilla slices, dusting, dresses, falling in love, piano love, dancing in petrol stations, rose ring boxes, giving birth to baby pianos, laughing with hands, water fights...oh I just have so much love for it.
I giggle and smile every time I watch it.
It's such a great love to have.

Sarah Blasko has been nominated for 4 Aria's. The include:
- Engineer of the Year
- Best Cover Art
- Best Female Artist
- Best Pop Release
I'm sending by all my well wishing esp's.

Mocas favourite song from the album is Hammer. He runs around ta-whit-ta-whooing.
Thats what sausage dogs do best!

I'm off to start my softie for Mirabel. Get into it here.
brooke and moca

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