Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunny Smiles

One good thing about previous occupants not redirecting mail is getting there mail.
I found this super cute add for eggs that have smiles. Each egg is stamped with a smile and the chickens are feed Australian grown grains and plant nutrients!

I love smiling. Eggs that smile...well thats even better.
Even more so is that they are Yellow when beaten up!! I love Yellow!!
They have a fun website for kids. I even manage to find out that the Humming Bird lays the smallest egg. It's only 3cm long!

It was a busy weekend my way. Quick dash home to FINALLY get Moca back from mum.
Then up early to head back for work. Lucy's Birthday on the same day.
Lots of drinking and eating and just laying about.
Yesterday was too hot for anything but good for a late dinner at Vegie Bar. It was great to catch up with good friends and laugh constantly from start to finish. Vegie Bar Sangria is extra good!

I'm off to have eggs on toast with Avocado Tomato and Mushrooms!!! Yum O!!

brooke and moca


Kirsty said...

That is so cute! Yellow is a good colour isn't it - not for mice eyes though - it makes them look sick...hehe.

Christie said...

My son won't eat a hard boiled egg WITHOUT a face on it! :-)

Liss said...

oow they are cute smiley i like poached eggs with holinase sauce (is that how you spell it)

We get all sorts of catalogs in the mail from the previous tenets..sometimes they have samples too! its fun.

hokey said...

Hello lovely!

Which dress did you go for?!!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

I'm sooking out...
Here's what i want...

a sandwich like that for breakfast... a bloody mary in a big jug.. ok that's a FEW bloody marys... and sangria before dinner EVERY night. those are the rules.. coz i am tired!