Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I turn 50, but i'm really 23!

Yep i turn 50 in blog land today.
I know most people wait until they are 100, but 50 feels good to me!
50th Anniversary is Golden. My 1970's Women's World told me so.
So here is a little snap of such things!

Other Golden things:
Smile Roses Honey Sausage Dogs Sun Books Coins Wattle.

Happy New Shop to Pip! I can't wait to go over after work!!


Christie said...

happy 50th brooke x

Kirsty said...

& you are a golden girl & Pip's shop is gold! I'm sure she is busting for you to get there.

Linny T said...

Happy 50th postday Brooke!

kwoozy said...

happy 50th Brooke! And many more to come!

Pip's shop is gold!

Liss said...

happy 50th Brook !! your looking fantastic for your age :-P