Wednesday, December 12, 2007

fitzroy has made me blog lazy

Christmas shopping just sends me in a spin. I sit thinking and wasting time writing lists once then twice then changing my mind half way though!!
Oh then I get side tracked and I start buying things for myself that weren't part of the 'to get list'. At the same time I think you need to buy yourself 'i only got three presents on my list present'. Such things are above and by fair my favourite, the Tatty Devine Toadstool Brooch.

My favourite part of the day, ducks that came running at my very yuk lamington from David Jones. Have you heard of the word fresh?!
And yes I was once a once a day blog writer and since the move from b to f it has lacked some what i'm going to do about it is write a blog a day for the next week. Look I hope it happens as much as a good lamington being produced at David Jones. I mean they used to be good...I just wonder what happened??


Liss said...

beautiful brooch ! And I know exactly what you mean about going shopping for Christmas presents and you end up buying things for yourself that wernt on the list !

Kirsty said...

Oooh good - I'll look forward to regular Brooke updates.