Thursday, December 20, 2007

Day 7 - Yeah Baby

I made these last night. They are Zac's Christmas present.
Only two more singlets to complete. I'm thinking the North Plane and the West Plane. So very quick to sew around! Along with two totes, two shirts for Jay and a Mega Moca, I'll be set for Christmas!!

One day off really wasn't enough, so I've decided to get up early for the rest of my week and make the most of the morning. 10am is fair to late to be getting up. The fitzroy bug really has taken over. Blogs craft sleep...there must be something in the water!!

It's currently raining and I can hear thunder!! Perfect conditions for craft!!
I'm back into the blog swing, so expect things to go back to normal!!
Go get crafting!!
brooke and moca


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Nice work on those little singlets, Ms Boobook! They look gorgeous! I especially like the turtle!

Kirsty said...

They look great Brooke. It seems there is a fair bit of the applique going on around town (me too).