Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day 3-Jolly Moca

I was chatting with customers the other day saying that if all else fails you can use your children/pets .
I once received our friends little boys feet and hand prints pressed into plaster. Finished off with glitter it looked great and I still have it hanging 9years later.
I guess this 7 day blog commitment may bring out 7 pictures of Moca.
Since ho ho ho has been banned woof woof woof could be better?!
Ok maybe not...I'm all for the ho!!
Day 4- and i'm on day three!!


Kirsty said...

Moca looks so silky & lovely! I hope your day was gorgeous.

Chalk and Cheese said...

Your dog has the sweetest face! It's lovely that he is a constant source of inspiration. I must admit, the love for my dog has grown steadily over the years. I used to be a cat person.... I have been converted!

Dees said...

Moca you are just tooooo cute!