Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Six Unimportant Things About Me and Moca too

Mike is really good at playing chasey.

So he told me that I have to reveal SIX unimportant things about myself.
Moca wanted to join in too!
Me. I like to make gourmet baked beans. This is how is works for me.
Frying off onion garlic, then add tomato, sweet corn, mushrooms, then the baked beans. Make a well in the middle crack two eggs, let that cook then mix it all together!! YUM!!
Moca. I like to sing with a Ta Whit Ta Whoo.
Me. I love washing dishes
Moca. I'm dating Brooke's teddy called Oliver.
Me. My mum and I took Line Dancing classes together for a Year when I was 12
Moca. My sister is famous
Me I find it hard to sleep without my own doona
Moca. I love Cats. They play the best game of chasey I have ever played!!
Me: In high school me and my friend Emma tried growing our leg hair long enough to plait it!
Moca: I tried to break brooke's computer so she could spend more time with me!
Me: I love having salt water hair and also scratching my head after i've been to the beach and watching the salt fall out.
Moca: I can't scratch the back of my neck. I'm too long and my legs are too short!

There we have it
Feel free to join in.
brooke and moca


Christie said...

You two crack me up! So moca, how are things going with Oliver...? He, he, he...

CurlyPops said...

That was hilarious! Wow, Moca has really revealed some secrets.

Kirsty said...

Who's your sister Moca?

boobook said...

Kirsto....i hope it's ok that I call you that, Brooke does.
Is it true that you where the one who started everyone saying Sauso?!

My sisters name is Betty and she has been on telly and in magazines and cards and bags and PJ'S.
Her Dad is Peter Alexander.
If brooke hadn't of nagged my grandma as much as she did, I would live with Betty.
I think my life is just perfect the way it is!!

Moca (aka Sauso)

Kirsty said...

Hi Moca the Sauso

You may call me whatever you wish. I'll answer to anything.

Thanks for the speedy reply - you are slick on the computer just like in real life.

It must be hard for Betty having all that Media attention.

If I were a sauso I'd prefer to have a bedroom with lovely sunshiney yellow curtains & lots of apple computer related toys & belong to a girl who adored me.

Not to mention all those glorious beachy hols where you get to frolic on the beach & get sand between your toes & in your ears.

It's a dogs life Moca & I'd be most happy to have your life.

Yours faithfully

admirer of sausos

alexandra said...

Line dancing. Hmm. I have to admit, I am from Tamworth. One of my deepest secrets is that our music teacher made us line dance in Year 7. Scarred me for life, but damn fool, I do know how to slap leather and dosie doe!