Thursday, April 17, 2008

i like this type of sowing - Whats on my desk

I love getting in the garden.
I think of my grandparents house and also Mr Pryor when I do.
Mr Pryor was our friend who lived up the street from us when we were kids. He had the most amazing fern garden. When ever he went away on holidays, I would be the one who was trusted to look after his garden. I guess the half a can of coke and packet of chips, sometimes two, made him the first place to visit when we returned home from school. He also told me and my brother the most amazing and special stories from his childhood and he cared for us as if we were his own grandchildren too.
Being left with the responsibility of taking care of something so special is the greatest feeling of trust you can give. He was kind loving and funny and he taught me how to build a brick wall!!

Then My grandparents house. Two story Weather Board house with Hydranders lining either side. And Rose bushes. Rose Bushes that would touch the sky. Well in the mind of a 7yr old they did. My Pa loved his garden and I feel that his love has been passed onto me!
So todays Gardening was for Pa and for Mr Pryor. The two people who's appreciation for nature has influenced me a lot! Thow I still don't like spiders.


Sherrin said...

Lovely post. I hope your garden grows strong and beautiful!! :o)

eileensattic said...

Wonderful post about your memories of the gardens and roses. I think I share the same feelings about that, AND spiders.
Looking forward to your petunias :)

Kitty said...

I'm sure your little garden will blossom with strength and beauty. Your story is really sweet, I know that oneday you will instill the same passion in someone small, passing it on.

three buttons said...

Awww, so sweet and beautifully written. What a beautiful gift to inherit. And how cute are your golden book plant markers!!

Angela xox

Kirsty said...

That's the best desk I've seen this week! Great job BrookeO.