Friday, April 4, 2008

my 4 day week of cute

Pinking Shears - from Lindy Peaches sewing room.

Little Zach - knitted beanie made with my love

Sonni and Sass

Wooden Spools - From the same sewing room

Stussy - our family cat, who likes to dribble
Old Train Seats - makes you want to go on a picnic

Moca - not happy about me leaving...again

It was great to catch up with all of my favourite people, to go op shopping, to drink chai lattes from kristy, to walk moca, to watch orange rain fall, to go to savers, for cuddling and laughing at children, to relax, to miss the internet and to miss melbourne and it's people.
It's great to be back in the big smoke!!



Kirsty said...

Welcome home lovely Brooke. I've missed you & I hope I'll see you soon. I LOVE the pinking shears!

three buttons said...

Welcome Back Miss Brooke!

Pip from Meet Me at Mikes said...

Hurrah! You're back!