Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting ready to go, Ta whit ta whoo!!

Lots of making and adjusting and computering and sewing and knitting and keeping crafty.
All in prep for tomorrow.
In case you didn't know, Moca and I will have an online store!!
Happy Thursday!
brooke and moca
p.s thanks to my beautiful friends for there constant support!!


Danielle said...

Good luck for tomorrow. I will definately be sneaking a peek!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations! How very exciting!

And I've been meaning to ask - I think I met you at Mike's the other week, but I didn't catch your name. Saw your name on the receipt afterwards and almost slapped myself silly. Hope I didn't seem rude not knowing who you were!

Kitty said...

Yay for brooke and moca! I am very excited about all this, I'm sure you are too. I look forward to purchasing a little something something.

Hyena In Petticoats said...


I hope your shop sells out in the first five minutes!
(actually, that sounds kind of stressful, doesn't it?)

I love my sausage dog - you should all go buy one!

Leah xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke-- lots of love and wishes for the new shop. Will you be branching out in to Pugs too? Mabel will happily be your model! xx