Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who are you?

They read this post and left a comment?
Who are you anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Lol @ first two, must be an Australian thing, what is a Lollypop Lady? I'm guessing the Principles Award is for friendlyness?
When I see babies, depending on how noisy/messy they aren't, I feel like picking them up and running away with them. Weird, huh?
Winter is WAY better than summer. You can always warm yourself up during winter but you can't cool down in summer.
Cool about the singing contest, must be something in the genes if you're related to Delta Goodrem! Do you two hang out much?
I have this necklace from some tribe somewhere in the world, I have no idea what the symbol means (and I don't even know what tribe/from where it comes from) but I wear it every day. Spoon earrings sound cool! You could do a whole Spoon/Fork/Knife thing if your ears were pierced three times too....
You're so lucky that Cockatoos are so accessable! I've always wanted one, I find them so friendly and full of personality, the way they use that thing on their head like a facial expression... I have budgies though and they're cool :)

Oh by the way in case you're reading this and wondering who I am and why I'm commenting on something 6 months old, I was googling something and your blog came up and I got addicted to reading it, and it was only when I finished writing the reply comment that I noticed it was the 2007 archive page I was on....

brooke and moca


CurlyPops said...

Wow, what a great mystery!

just like mama said...

hahaaha thats too funny... made my head spin round trying to follow the train of thought!

Lucy said...

Are you the lovely lady with the sausage dog brooch who was working at meet me at Mikes on Monday?
Well if this IS you, thank you for being so friendly and kind to me and baby Gus. Our visit turned a long, hot walk into a lovely outing.
I hope your house moving went swimmingly.

Kirsty said...

A lovely bloggy mystery. Hope you've had a gorgeous day with a gorgeous girl.

Christie said...

They sound very funny....in a good way!

boobook said...

thank you lucy, so nice of you and gus to pop in!
hope to see you both again soon
brooke and moca