Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dinner for the house

I made dinner for the house last night.
There was silence and seconds.
I'm not a big meat eater. Maybe twice a month sometimes not even at all.
What i love most about eating any pie, is the tomato sauce!
I found the Recipe here. It's nice simple warm and hearty!!
i just had a Magium Ice-cream for breakfast....and i just might have another!!


CurlyPops said...

Yum...that looks delish

Kirsty said...

Good job Brooki

Pip from Meet Me at Mikes said...

we might just have that for dinner at Mikes tonight! Y.U.M!

Anna Laura said...

Good to see lots of cheese on top. I love the potatoey, cheesey, saucyness. That is my favourite part.

Gareth (from Scotland) isn't so keen on going cheesy crazy, and chedder is only really eaten on a digestive biscuit with Branston Pickle. Although this is lovely, I know it has more uses.

He often asks me what Australia's obsession with cheese is when I overload cheesy cauliflower (his mum only puts a plain white sauce on the stuff she makes, no cheese!) or lasange.

Maureen said...

That's a good man meal in my house. Cheese sounds like a good addition to me. ;-)